We make great SBIRT stuff.

SBIRT is effective. People want to implement SBIRT. Federal agencies are funding SBIRT in record amounts. SBIRT makes a difference in your patients' lives!

SBIRT Videos

Friendly. Engaging. Informative. Effective. There's nothing better than seeing a process in action. Watching models even helps increase adoption.

SBIRT Courses

We've made SBIRT courses, lots of them. Some are high tech, others bare bones. All are accurate and easy to use. Responsive delivery? Interactive? Face-to-Face?

SBIRT Resources

SBIRT forms? Patient flow diagrams? SBIRT patient information guides? You name it, we've been involved in making it, or making it better.

Thousands of organizations across the country are implementing SBIRT in settings ranging from primary care to system-wide across large healthcare organizations.

What is SBIRT? How do you implement it? What resources exist? We can help!

SBIRT adoption and implementation requires accessible, engaging, replicable, and relevant training and performance support that addresses the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of all team members.

We design, develop, and evaluate SBIRT adoption, training, and support resources.